How we unknowingly sabotage our own goals

How we unknowingly sabotage our own goals. If you were to ask me at this moment all the things I’ve always wanted to accomplish, I would most certainly write a list long enough to deter you from reading it. You may assume after seeing such a long list that I’m an overly ambitious individual with... Read More

  •   June 26, 2018

Plan ahead to choose the right promotional product

Decisions don’t always come easy. Whether it’s time to reorder a magazine subscription or to replace that furnace, it involves thinking about what your needs are and whether you will be satisfied with your choice.  When it comes to big ticket items, like a furnace replacement the implications are much greater. The same should be... Read More

  •   June 21, 2018

Don’t Turn Ant Hills into Mole Hills – 3 Simple Steps to Help Manage Conflict

We all experience conflict. Whether it is in a relationship, at work, or with yourself personally. Conflict is something none of us can escape. It’s another factor of life, of being an adult, and just the way of the world. Disagreements will happen, misunderstandings are exchanged, and miscommunication can take place no matter how thorough... Read More

  •   June 19, 2018

Fran Ford: A Lesson in Leaving a Wealthy Legacy

Most of my articles for “Million Dollar Mindset” are about creating financial wealth. But having just attended the funeral and celebration of life for a good friend of mine, and a good friend to the entire industry, I feel compelled to share my thoughts on the wealth that really matters. It seems to me that... Read More

  •   June 14, 2018

Leveraging the Power of Personality in Business: Part Three

Welcome to part three of Leveraging the Power of Personality in Business. If you’re not familiar with the DISC assessment, or need a recap, check out the first part of my series to refresh your memory. Part 3 of this series will be especially helpful to sales professionals, but will still create a huge advantage... Read More

  •   June 12, 2018

It’s Just Lunch

How do you spend your lunchtime? Many distributors and sales reps think lunch is a great time to eat a sandwich at their desk and catch up on their work. In my view, this is an incredibly bad use of the potentially most valuable part of your day. We are all in the relationship business.... Read More

  •   June 7, 2018

Swag Ideas for Community Walks and Races

Participating in a run can be an exciting and enduring activity. Participants train and volunteers work hard to keep everyone encouraged, and be responsive to the needs of the participants. The dedication to training and running is always encouraging and motivating to others. After months of training, runners take pride in completing races and marathons... Read More

  •   June 7, 2018