The Muzzillo Dictionary of Sales Terminology: The Definition of ‘I Will Call You’

In the Muzzillo Dictionary of Sales Terminology, definitions of many key words and phrases aren’t what they appear to be. In my previous article, I shared how the definition of “no” really is “not yet.” Similarly, when a prospect tells you, “I will call you,” what they are really saying is, “I will never call... Read More

  •   February 12, 2018

Assessing Goals for Increased Success

As we begin a new year it’s a great time to put our thoughts, goals and accomplishments on paper so we can start to take the steps to turn our brainstorming ideas into action. This may seem to be a daunting task, yet it will be beneficial in the long run to achieving your potential.... Read More

  •   February 9, 2018

5 Promo Trends You Need to Know for This Year

For many people January and February mark more than just the beginning of a new year. It is also the beginning of a new trade show season. In the promotional products, printing and packaging industry, this is the time of year that new products are rolled out and promotional professionals can start to identify the... Read More

  •   February 7, 2018

Quick Tips for Effective Online Video

Video marketing has become such a powerful force in online marketing that it may be a good time to revisit your video marketing campaigns and determine if there are better ways to produce your videos and get better results. There’s a common misconception that video is hard to do or takes a lot of technical... Read More

  •   February 5, 2018

For the Love of Swag: Non-Profits

Non-profits are like any other business in that they need to promote themselves, what they do and the services they offer.  However, unlike traditional businesses, funds are usually limited or low so it is especially important to be selective about the promotional items you select. T-shirts help identify volunteers and increase your visibility in the community.  Shirts... Read More

  •   February 2, 2018

Get Creative to Be Creative

I know many would find it hard to believe that even I, a graphic designer, find creative thinking not so easy to come by. You would think a switch was embedded into my mind from birth and the ‘on’ position was welded into place, but again, I wish it were that easy. I have days... Read More

  •   January 31, 2018

What Facebook’s ‘Algorithm Overhaul’ Means for Your Business’s Facebook Page

Last week Facebook announced that they will be overhauling their entire algorithm that decides what goes on any given user’s newsfeed. The social network has decided it needs to go back to its roots of being exactly that, a social network. According to the New York Times, this means that users can now expect to... Read More

  •   January 29, 2018