The Muzzillo Dictionary of Sales Terminology: The Definition of ‘I Will Call You’

In the Muzzillo Dictionary of Sales Terminology, definitions of many key words and phrases aren’t what they appear to be. In my previous article, I shared how the definition of “no” really is “not yet.” Similarly, when a prospect tells you, “I will call you,” what they are really saying is, “I will never call... Read More

By • February 12, 2018

Assessing Goals for Increased Success

As we begin a new year it’s a great time to put our thoughts, goals and accomplishments on paper so we can start to take the steps to turn our brainstorming ideas into action. This may seem to be a daunting task, yet it will be beneficial in the long run to achieving your potential.... Read More

By • February 9, 2018

Get Creative to Be Creative

I know many would find it hard to believe that even I, a graphic designer, find creative thinking not so easy to come by. You would think a switch was embedded into my mind from birth and the ‘on’ position was welded into place, but again, I wish it were that easy. I have days... Read More

By • January 31, 2018

I’ll Get Right On It… Eventually

We all know that person who claims that they work best under pressure. Call it what you will; “Last-Minute Panic,” “Waiting For the Muse,” “Deferring Action,” it all comes down the same concept in the end – procrastination. The awful truth of it is that it’s all too easy to wait and keep putting things... Read More

By • January 24, 2018